Volunteers are at the core of fmi*igf

fmi*igf is a national volunteer organization that operates as a network of chapters in provinces across Canada. In collaboration with a strong National Office, approximately 400 volunteers combine their efforts to define and deliver professional development programs to our members annually.

Whether you are a public servant, student or academic, or retired and looking to stay connected with your professional community, we welcome your volunteer contribution. We have positions available at our National Office (Ottawa-Gatineau) as well as our 14 Chapters across Canada.

Available Positions:

We may have other opportunities that are not posted. If you’re interested in more information, contact national@fmi.ca

*Please note that this section is not for Board Members. Board Member volunteer positions require a nomination process and election. Information on this process is sent to members prior to the Annual General Meeting.

I saw great potential of having a group or people who have a common goal, and who have fun seeing results and fruits of theid labor materialize before their eyes.

Marcel Boulianne, fmi*igf President 2013-2014