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The fmi*igf Webinar Series is a complimentary product offering developed to provide the public sector community with the opportunity to regularly hear from invited thought leaders and industry experts year round.

Cloud Financial Management: Essentials for Finance and Accounting Teams

The cloud has turned IT procurement and consumption on its head, requiring a new model for financial governance. Join us to explore what Cloud Financial Management is, and how it can drive business outcomes—from decision-making with real-time data, to increasing the predictability of cloud spend, to building self-sustaining and cost-aware organizations. We’ll also explore how AWS can help your organization’s cloud journey be successful, whether you’re considering your first migration to the cloud or looking to drive deeper unit cost improvements with existing cloud workloads.

Please note that this session will be presented in English

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Join FMI and our valued partner Accenture as we review CFO trends in transformation; the response or transition impact of COVID, the shift of spending priorities, how to solve the technology deficit, and the impact on the public sector in Canada.

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Delivering Public Sector Value with Transformative Financial Management Models

The current situation of global pandemic has revealed the need to accelerate organizational agility while delivering public value with efficiency. Governments work to make a positive impact in the lives of citizens and they need to deliver value in an open and transparent way, while improving accessibility to government services.

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Good Practices in Public Financial Management

Strong public financial management processes and systems are essential for effective and efficient delivery of public services, transparent public finances, and trust between government and citizens. As a result, ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) and IFAC (the International Federation of Accountants) have launched a global series to identify, document and share success stories in public financial management.

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Financial Fraud, Waste and Abuse – Reducing Costs Through Proactive Analytics

When finance based business processes go wrong, the outcomes and investigations are costly. Examples range from poor business processes, errors, waste, abuse, all the way to miss use of funds, corruption, and fraud. These risks occur widely across government including in benefits delivery, tax collection, funding mechanisms such as loans and grants, as well as the broader government financial practices.

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The Realities of Cybersecurity for Public Sector Employees

This webinar is based on findings from recent breach investigations and will provide participants with practical insights to ensure data protection is seen as a top priority for the well-being of any organization.

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Good Governance and Integrity in Public Procurement – How Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Can Help

Join us as we look at leading practices in anti-bribery, corruption and effective procurement integrity capabilities. Explore how advanced analytics and artificial intelligence can lead to a more effective procurement integrity program. We will focus on practical tips as well as advanced solutions, which will deliver proactive and preventative measures to ensure your current or future procurement practices are sound, transparent and effectively managed.

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