Originally titled the “Federal Financial Officers’ Institute”, the Financial Management Institute was created in 1962 as part of the Ottawa Chapter of the Federal Institute of Management. The mandate of the original founders, made up of public sector accountants has not changed over our distinguished history, we (all chapters) strive to ensure the integrity of the financial profession by promoting and communicating best practices in financial management.

Capital Chapter’s first President, Patrick Nephin

The fmi*igf members located in the Ottawa-Hull region belonged to the National fmi*igf organization until the creation of the Capital Chapter in 1985. The Capital Chapter’s first president was Patrick Nephin.

The Chapter has built a strong reputation in our community by supporting our public servants, by having informative professional development days throughout the year. These days promote networking, communication, best practices, and give our many members an opportunity to connect with our community leaders.

Although the Chapter’s membership base has had its ups and downs over the years, the Capital Chapter is still the largest chapter of the organization. In 2005, its membership represented approximately 40% of all fmi*igf members in Canada!
In 2008, The Capital Chapter started a new tradition- a Social Meet and Greet. This NO CHARGE event is intended to show the Chapter’s Board gratitude and appreciation to the members and sponsors for their continued patronage and support.

After having provided her services to the Capital Chapter for over 16 years, the Capital chapter’s administrator, Gerry Leus, moved to retirement. Gerry has seen the Capital Chapter move to an online registration system, from the Ottawa Congress Centre to the NAC and through constant changes in the financial management community. Gerry’s dedication to the fmi*igf was recognized at the NAC on May 27, 2009 by the Board of Directors and former presidents of the Capital Chapter.

fmi*igf Capital Chapter celebrated its 20th Anniversary on September 29th, 2005. Former Capital Chapter Presidents: Claire Kennedy (1994-1995), Cherilyn Montminy (2004-2005), Karen Robertson (2005-2006), William Pascal (1986-1987), and Germain Tremblay (1996-1997).

The most important factor of the fmi*igf Capital chapter’s success is our volunteers, from those who write the programs that formulate great professional days, to those who work as teams to deliver these days, to those who market our events, to those who work to ensure that we continue to operate in a cost effective capacity, to those who support us, our Patrons/Sponsors and the private sector community.

We have so many people to thank, from the public sector leaders to private sector partners, who continue to support us throughout our history by lending their time and experience to be key speakers at our PD Days.