Approximately, sixty members of the local financial community held an inaugural meeting November 15, 1979 with the purpose to organize and establish the local FMI Chapter. Guest speakers were Raymond Dubois, an FMI Director, and Bill Bradshaw, a partner with Touche Ross & Co., and advisor to the Auditor General. Raymond Dubois presented information about the National FMI organization, the program and future plans. Bill Bradshaw presented the “Measurement of the Bottom Line in Government,” outlining the problems related to achieving economy and efficiency in government operations.

Throughout 1980, the organization held monthly meetings and was recognized as an official Chapter in 1981. The FMI Vancouver Chapter was under the leadership of its first President, Robert Coleman. Over the years the following women and men served as President of the FMI Vancouver Chapter:

1981 – 1982 Robert Coleman   1997 – 2004 Arvind Reddy
1983 – 1987 Paul Mackey   2004 – 2007 Arthur MacKenzie
1987 – 1989 Paul McCurdy   2007 – 2008 Sarah Tobun
1989 – 1990 Al Beaton   2008 – 2009 Arthur MacKenzie
1990 – 1991 Roberta Gale   2009 – 2010 Karen Hall
1992 – 1993 Michael Langan   2010 – 2011 Hardeep Kainth
1993 – 1995  
John Blacklock   2011 – 2012 Arthur Soo
1995 – 1996 Paul McCurdy   2012 – 2013 Karen Hall

The FMI Vancouver Chapter is a dynamic and contemporary organization dedicated to public sector financial management. It serves both financial and other officers and managers with financial responsibilities in the Federal, Provincial, and Municipal governments as well as private sector firms providing services to government.

FMI members are the most important element of the organization. The Chapter provides an opportunity to meet and network with professionals sharing similar interests and concerns. The members are invited to local professional development seminars showcasing high caliber speakers. Over the past few years member subsidies have been granted for one member to attend the Public Sector Management Workshop (PSMW), one of FMI’s national events. The Vancouver Chapter provides this opportunity to increase Chapter membership, expose Chapter members to a national conference, and foster Chapter/National affiliation.

Vancouver Deputy Mayor, Sam Sullivan and PSMW 2005 Co-Chairs: Louise Breton and Tim Philps.

The Vancouver Chapter hosted the 18th Annual PSMW in 2005. The Workshop theme “Thinking Forward” focused on financial management and reporting, values and ethics, and topics of current interest.

The total membership of the FMI Vancouver Chapter for 2011-2012 was 128. The Chapter seeks membership growth by promoting the opportunity for gaining valuable knowledge as well as striving for excellence in the members’ professional and personal lives. With support from the Board of Directors and volunteers, the Chapter would like to continue developing professional relationships. Individuals are encouraged to contribute to the development of programs that serve the financial community. The FMI Vancouver Chapter is looking forward to another successful year in 2012-2013.