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Date December 03, 2020 Time 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm Chapter National

Balancing Budgets After Covid: Fiscal & Accounting Challenges | fmi*igf Speaker Series

Economic Update Track | Session 2

Covid-19 created massive unanticipated deficits across Canada’s governments. Balancing budgets will remain a challenge for public sector organization across Canada for the immediate future. Join Assistant Deputy Minister Elizabeth Doherty of the Office of the Budget division at Ontario’s Ministry of Finance as she provides an overview of the recently released Ontario Budget (November 5, 2020) and discusses the key challenges faced by the government during COVID to manage fiscal pressures.

For the second part of this session, Umar Saeed will share his insights on the direction of Public Sector Accounting in Canada. Globally, accounting and financial management is trending toward a healthy balance sheet and sustainability. In addition to tackling rising debt levels, there is growing demand to track and manage intangible assets and economic externalities. Learn how the accounting rules are evolving to meet this demand and what it will mean to the future of public sector financial management.


  • Elizabeth Doherty

    Assistant Deputy Minister, Ontario Ministry of Finance

  • Umar Saeed

    Partner, Welch LLP