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Date November 22, 2017 Time 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Chapter Edmonton

Disruptive Writing

This fmi*igf event focused on real and potential disruptions and how to navigate change.  Three local authors have each written about this topic from very different perspectives and they described their books and their journey to becoming authors.

The Authors:

  • Tema FrankPeopleShock: The Path to Profits When Customers Rule. How do governments and organizations manage the processes, people and products/services in a customer-focused world. In the age of social media and the active citizen, this is NOT just a for-profit company’s problem.
  • Rob RoachSpiders in Space: Successfully Adapting to Unwanted Change. When NASA sent spiders into space, the spiders had to rediscover how to spin their webs without the aid of gravity.  Unwanted change requires us to adapt to a harsher environment.  Spiders in Space presents a menu of adaptive traits that can help us not only survive, but thrive, when unwanted change comes our way.
  • Rod SchatzPhantom Ex Machina: Digital Disruption’s Role in Business Model Transformation.  From the Doomsday Book, clay tax records through to legislating privacy – governments have had a central role in managing information in a society.  This book explores the factors that make digital disruption possible and the effects this has on existing business models and to managing public policy on the wave of digital disruption.
  • Moderator: Sally Banek, Senior Consultant, Recruitment Partners.
  • Panelist: Glenn Rollans, Past President, Book Publishers Association of Alberta and 35+ years of experience in the publishing business.
  • Must Read BooksCrowd-Sourcing Knowledge.  To help navigate change and become better leaders – the session will crowd-source must read non-fiction books for fmi*igf Members and discuss the role of a healthy local publishing economy has on thought leadership.
  • Audreys Books will be on hand with a selection of the above books and the Must-Reads and can be purchased at the event.  In the meantime, visit  Audreys at 10702 Jasper Avenue.

Staff Development Rationale: This training session will introduce attendees to current and looming disruptions that may impact how the public service delivers services and programs.    As well, the must-read books will give public servants skills and understanding to navigate change.

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