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Date February 18, 2021 Time 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm Chapter National

Reimagining the Finance Organization with Automation and AI | fmi*igf Speaker Series

Hot Topics Track – Session 3

Finance leaders have a critical role to play in the success of the Next Generation Finance Organization. As stewards of the organization’s data, algorithms, metrics and benchmarks. Finance can lead the way in transforming the organization’s operational processes with automation and AI, starting with their own department.

Finance leaders who accept the challenge can help their government organizations expand mandates, reduce costs, manage risks, provide powerful insights while creating positive experiences for both employees and stakeholders

Join Alex Reyes and TJ Stidwill to share insights on:

  • How AI is here to stay and not to fear it
  • How Automation and AI are changing finance roles
  • Where Exponential technology is improving the overall human experience

Alex and TJ will share real-life success stories from organizations who are realizing the many personal and organizational benefits of automation and AI.


  • Alex Reyes

    Finance Practice Leader - Business Transformation Services, IBM

  • TJ Stidwill

    Associate Partner, Data and Technology Transformation , IBM