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Date December 05, 2018 Time 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Chapter Nova Scotia

Transitioning to Leadership – Workshop & Christmas Luncheon

Becoming a More Senior Leader?

Consider who you are and how you lead for maximum effectiveness

Stepping up to more senior leadership roles in an organization often means doing less of what you’re good at and best known for, and more of what’s needed now. Which usually means being a more strategic leader and enabling the growth and success of those you lead, for starters. And, it often means a far more fundamental shift in your identity, as you move from ‘subject matter expert’ to ‘organizational leader.’ What might it mean for you?

In this engaging and interactive workshop led by leadership effectiveness coach Michelle Lane, you’ll have an opportunity to explore the question of leadership identity and interpersonal communications at more senior levels and consider what it means for you – regardless of where you are in your evolution as a leader. The approach will be thought-provoking, interactive and applied, with time for personal reflection as well as shared learning. Participants will also have an opportunity to practice a few simple techniques designed to enhance their effectiveness at all levels of leadership.

Michelle Lane

Michelle Lane

Founder, Vibrant Leaders

Michelle Lane, CPCC is a leadership effectiveness consultant, facilitator and coach. She works with emerging, evolving and established leaders and professionals who want to be more effective and build stronger, higher-performing teams and organizations. Michelle helps her clients discover and develop the clarity, competence and confidence they need to be more effective; build their capacity for more strategic and complex leadership; and create the conditions for success in the organizations in which they lead. She has more than 35′ years diverse business leadership experience in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. Connect with Michelle on Linked In or learn more here: www.vibrantleaders.ca.