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Date May 23, 2018 Time 9:00 am - 1:00 pm Chapter Nova Scotia

Using Data to Identify and Assess Fraud

The fmi*igf Maritime Chapters are hosting four half-day sessions on the use of data analytics to identify and assess fraud risk and test key controls. During these sessions, Dave Coderre, President of CAATS, will look at how data analysis can support and inform these activities.  The course includes theory and group exercises (accounts payable and payroll) and more than 60 fraud-related analytical tests you can perform.  At the end of the course participants will:

1.  Be able to link objectives, fraud risks and controls.
2.  Be able to apply approaches and tools to better use data analysis for continuous monitoring and the assessment and management of fraud risk.
3.  Know the key steps to identifying and assessing red flags of fraud.
4.  Understand how to identify the required data and the necessary analytics.
5.  Know more than 60 analytical test you can run to assess fraud risk.

Note: the course will use ACL and SAP data for all demos; however, the tools and techniques are applicable to all analytics software and financial systems.

David Coderre

President, CAATS 

David Coderre is the President, Computer Assisted Analysis Techniques and Solutions (CAATS).  With over 30 years of internal audit experience he has led numerous audits of IT, operations and financial nature. He is an expert in the development and use data analytics for fraud risk assessment, testing of internal controls, and continuous monitoring.  Dave is the author of four books on data analytics: Data Analysis for Internal Controls, Fraud Detection, Monitoring and Audit (2017); Computer-Aided Fraud Prevention and Detection: A Step by Step Guide (2009); Fraud Analysis Techniques Using ACL (2009); and Internal Audit: Efficiency through Automation (2008).  He is also the author of the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) Global Technology Audit Guide – Continuous Auditing: Implications for Assurance, Monitoring and Risk Assessment; and contributed to the data analytics portions of the COSO Fraud Risk Management Guide (2016). Mr. Coderre contributes to various professional journals and is a frequent speaker at conferences around the world.