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Date June 05, 2019 Time 11:30 am - 1:30 pm Chapter Manitoba Place Radisson Hotel Cost $40 – $60

Welcoming Internationally Educated Professionals

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Today, 41% of applicants for registration to 30 Manitoba self-regulated professions are internationally educated. In a three year period, 47% of applicants to CPA Manitoba were internationally educated. The top countries of education for these applicants were the Philippines, India, United Kingdom, United States and Australia. This presentation will provide information on the experiences of these professionals. What they must do to register, what works well and what could be improved. Diversity in the workplace is enriched by the addition of these internationally educated professionals.


Ximena Munoz has extensive experience in settlement and integration of immigrants and refugees in Manitoba. She has worked for several provincial government departments as well as for the federal Citizenship and Immigration department for the past three decades. Ximena has been Manitoba’s Fairness Commissioner since December 2008 and is currently the most senior Fairness Commissioner in Canada. She is responsible for the establishment of the Office of the Manitoba Fairness Commissioner and the implementation of the Fair Registration Practices in Regulated Professions Act that was proclaimed in April 2009. Since her appointment, Ximena and the staff of the Office of the Manitoba Fairness Commissioner have worked hard to establish positive, collaborative working relationships with all stakeholders involved in recognizing the qualifications of internationally educated professionals. The goal is to ensure fair processes that result in the timely integration of these professionals in their fields of education and experience.