Welcome to the fmi*igf blog!

Welcome and thanks for stopping by! We are so pleased to officially launch the fmi*igf blog and join the blogosphere. Outside of the obvious business reasons to launch a blog, we wanted another avenue to connect with our audience and share thought leadership in a virtual format.

Check back monthly as we share volunteer spotlights, thought leadership from our speakers and sponsors, insights from our team, and updates from our Chapters across the country.

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How can you get involved?

We welcome blog contributions from all of our volunteers, speakers, members, sponsors, partners and the financial management community at large. If you’re interested in contributing to the fmi*igf blog, please connect with Gosia Skrobutan Marketing, Content Manager at gosia.skrobutan@fmi.ca.

Here are some tips to help you craft your submission:

  • Keep it around 750 words – if you have a lot to say, consider breaking it up and turning it into a series.
  • Use a catchy title – and remember that shorter is better.
  • Know who you’re writing for – if you’re not sure, shoot us a message.
  • Keep it focused on thought leadership – no product pitches here, please!
  • Include a visual element (if possible!) – graphics, photos, and videos are all great but they aren’t the only way to make a blog post visual. Use bulleted lists, headers, and other formatting elements to make it easy for readers to understand your content and message quickly.
  • Grammar matters! And, we’re always happy to do a quick proofread.

If you’re not sure about drafting your own post but have blog topic ideas please feel free to share those with Gosia at gosia.skrobutan@fmi.ca too!

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