Good Practices in Public Financial Management

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Strong public financial management processes and systems are essential for effective and efficient delivery of public services, transparent public finances, and trust between government and citizens. As a result, ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) and IFAC (the International Federation of Accountants) have launched a global series to identify, document and share success stories in public financial management.

In this webinar, Alex Metcalfe, Head of Public Sector Policy at ACCA, will share the key findings of that research to date, discussing fundamental questions about how public financial management is working now, and how it can operate in the future. This will be supported by two case studies, from the UK and Australia, that set out real stories of how public financial management improvements have made an immediate difference in the delivery of public services.

In advance of the webinar, view our video case studies, highlighting the real stories and positive impacts of implementing strong Public Financial Management.


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Alex Metcalfe

Alex Metcalfe

Alex Metcalfe, Head of Public Sector Policy, ACCA

Alexander Metcalfe is the Head of Public Sector Policy in the Professional Insights team at ACCA. He leads on developing thought leadership for the public sector and represents ACCA at a range of events and senior forums.

Alex has previous experience in the UK and Canadian public service, including working as a Senior Economist – specializing in tax policy – at the Ontario Ministry of Finance. He has frequently given evidence to committees and ministerial roundtables and was a member of the Home Office Employers’ Representative Group on EU Exit. His published research includes work on the talent management in the public sector, immigration and skills, social mobility and government policy, as well as economic analysis on the cumulative cost of government policy on small firms. 

Alex is a Fellow of the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA). He studied at Oxford, Cambridge and Queen’s universities.

Kevin Pertaub

Kevin Pertaub

Kevin Pertaub, Head of Whole Government Accounts, HM Treasury (UK Public Sector)

Kevin Pertaub is the head of Whole of Government Accounts. Whole of Government Accounts (WGA) is one of the largest and most complicated public accounts in the world, providing a full IFRS compliant set of accounts for the UK public sector. Kevin trained at the National Audit Office (NAO), where he spent eight years, including one year leading the audit of WGA in 2012-13.

Karen Sanderson

Karen Sanderson

Karen Sanderson, FCCA, Executive Director of Industry and Government Services – New South Wales Treasury

Karen Sanderson is the Executive Director of Industry and Government Services at New South Wales (NSW) Treasury, where she provides advice to support the NSW Government in its financial management decision making across a diverse range of activities, (e.g. agriculture, skills, trade and investment, government property and tourism).

Karen joined the NSW Treasury from the UK Treasury as Executive Director, Fiscal Estimates and Financial Reporting in November 2013. Karen was responsible for financial reporting across NSW, including the production of the Total State Sector Accounts, accounting policy settings and financial management frameworks. Karen also had responsibility for managing whole of state financial assets and liabilities including cash and borrowings. During this period Karen also led the implementation of NSW’s new finance system, through the 2017-18 Budget, as part of its program of financial management transformation.

Karen spent five years at the UK Treasury, producing the first Whole of Government Accounts for the UK Government. Karen has worked in a range of finance-based roles in both the public and private sectors. This has included leadership roles in financial reporting, budget management and financial reform.

Karen is a member of the International Public Sector Accounting Standards Board’s Consultative Advisory Group.